Sunday, January 9, 2022

The eCash Protocol GNC!

 A unique eCash feature not found on Bitcoin or Ethereum is beginning to prove its value over tight competition for talented software engineers.

If you're an eCash cryptocurrency fan or a blockchain developer then make sure to read this post.

What is GNC in the eCash network?

The Global Network Council (GNC) is a group of proven eCash stakeholders who guide reinvestment in the eCash ecosystem. The goal of eCash is to increase economic freedom. To achieve that goal, eCash needs to adapt to overcome continued technical and political challenges.

This is why half of the eCash protocol revenue is allocated to the GNC.

What does the GNC fund?

Cryptocurrency projects have conventional budget items, things like engineering and server infrastructure.

Competitive crypto projects need unconventional budget items. This category includes any form of investment that benefits eCash.

This is where the GNC comes in.

How it works:

  • Anyone can submit a funding proposal for any amount to
  • The GNC evaluates proposals for ROI and practicality.

Why is GNC important? 

Native protocol revenue through block reward reinvestment provides sustainable research and development on eCash, with the potential to be modeled by other leading crypto projects.

The GNC funds salaries, infrastructure costs, ecosystem projects, operations, and marketing campaigns with the eCash development team.

The GNC aims eCash to achieve its goal of becoming digital cash for the world.

Here is the link to access the eCash GNC portal.


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