Sunday, January 9, 2022

The eCash Avalanche Algorithm Integration Explained

Avalanche is a consensus algorithm that the eCash protocol will integrate into its network.

By doing so, it will enable eCash to provide faster transactions than Bitcoin (in >3 seconds), enhance safety and privacy during the entire process.

Moreover, Avalanche will enable eCash to deliver fork-free upgrades to maintain coin and ecosystem stability. Avalanche is a green protocol in terms of energy consumption.

Avalanche Algorithm Stages

The Avalanche algorithm will be implemented in 8 stages. The first stage is 51% Attack prevention and will roll out soon. At the moment the Post Consensus is underway. 


At this milestone, eCash nodes can connect to the network, find peers, and participate in Avalanche post-consensus - all in a permissionless decentralized manner. This milestone unlocks Future Roadmap items. The second stage after the implementation will be staking rewards.

Avalanche Whitepaper

Avalanche is developed by team Rocket. You can download and read the Avalanche algorithm white paper here.

Avalanche Tracker

Recently, the eCash & BitcoinABC team launched a user-friendly website that tracks the development progress of the Avalanche algorithm integration into the eCash network. The Avalanche tracker can help you figure out when will Avalanche roll out to the eCash network.

Check the Avalanche Tracker here:

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